Peace Brigades International | 11.05.2015

Mexico City, 11 May 2015.- Yesterday, 10 May, thousands of relatives of disappeared people gathered in the monument to the mother in Mexico City, from where they marched to the Angel of Independence. A different way to spend mother’s day, caused by a gruesome situation, with thousands of disappeared -22.322 according to the General Attorney’s Office- and which PBI depicted during the last week.

Family members arrived from all over the country to present their demands to Mexican authorities: prioritize the search for their loved ones. Simultaneously, throughout the states several initiatives also marked this day. It is undeniable that groups of mothers with disappeared sons and daughters have been increasing and thus the message of many of the mothers was directed to the Mexican civil society, requesting support in their struggle in order to prevent a similar fate to their own families. […] Ver más.[tt_news]=4613&tx_ttnews[backPid]=109&cHash=8e39c9ce90fc492aacb03c3edd52dcae